Argentina – Argentine Football Agents Association (AFAA)

AFAA’s affiliation with EFAA is a recognition of the importance of effective exchange of best practices and accumulated knowledge across continents. AFAA’s experience in advancing agents’ interests within national and international forums ensures a seamless and full-service offering for agents, covering both representative and advisory functions.


Australia – Australian Football Agents Association (AFAA)

AFAA is the leading football intermediary association in Australia and an active stakeholder in the Australian professional football domain. As a rapidly rising sport in Australia, football requires a professional body that promotes the common goal of sustaining the continued growth for both football players and their agents. AFAA achieves this goal by providing comprehensive representation, management and advisory services.

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Brazil – Brazilian Association of Football Agents (ABAF)

ABAF represents football agents accredited with the Brazilian Football Confederation. ABAF aims to enhance the professional image of football agents and to promote agents’ compliance with legislative and regulatory formalities. ABAF recognises the importance of its representative functions, because Brazil is one of the world’s leading football markets.

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Czech Republic – Association of Football Agents (AFA)

CFAA was founded in response to the call for the protection of the professional interests of football agents in the Czech Republic. CFAA’s legal and commercial expertise enables its member agents to engage compellingly with national authorities and stakeholders. CFAA membership acts as a quality standard for agents.


Denmark – Danish Football Agents Association (DFAA)

DFAA plays a decisive role in the ongoing professional development of players’ agents to ensure that their regulatory and commercial interests are advanced. This is achieved primarily by providing thorough legal and commercial advice. Moreover, DFAA acts in a representative capacity in acting for agents before national authorities and institutions.


France – Union of Football Agents (UASF)

UASF is comprised of France’s most experienced, licensed football agents. The association aims to reduce the unregulated proliferation of football agents who damage the reputation and transparency of the profession. In doing so, UASF insists on a quality control system that protects agents, clubs and players alike. UASF is a leading stakeholder in frequent engagements with the corporate and national leaders in French football. The continuing professional development of agents is a key feature of UASF’s service offering to agents.


Germany – German Football Agents Association (DFVV)

DFVV was founded in response to the call for a collective body to represent football agents, following the EU White Paper on Sport in 2007, being one of the first national agents’ associations to become a member of EFAA. DFVV is recognised by the German Football Association and German Football League as a legitimate representative body for transactions involving intermediaries in Germany. DFVV counts over 40 members and is a leading stakeholder in German professional football. Its aim is to advance the interests of football agents by securing transparency and professionalism.

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Italy – Italian Football Agents Association (A.I.A.C.S.)

A.I.A.C.S. aims to entrench the full legal and professional recognition of its agent members in their dealings with state institutions and sports authorities. The professionalisation of agents is intended to protect the image and legal rights of agents. A.I.A.C.S. has advanced agents’ interests through the association’s active contribution to the regulatory development of agents’ regulations and through regular professional development summits. By so doing, A.I.A.C.S. equips its member agents to navigate the complex regulatory systems in Italian football.


Japan – Japanese Football Agents Association (JFAA)

JFAA was founded in response to the professionalisation and expansion of football in Japan. The association ensures that the agents’ profession expands in accordance with the regulatory development of football at a national level. JFAA’s membership of EFAA is a testament to EFAA’s reach at the global level.


Netherlands – Pro Agent (PA)

PA member agents are licensed Royal Dutch Football Association intermediaries and are screened with a quality accreditation system. Pro Agent acts in representative and advisory capacities for agents in all interactions with the public and private authorities in Dutch football. Members benefit from continuing professional development programmes and professional business services. Pro Agent facilitates important corporate and institutional partnerships that benefit the knowledge sharing and expertise of members. These partnerships also entrench the credibility and professionalism of the player agents.

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Portugal – National Association of Football Agents (ANAF)

ANAF plays a leading role in ensuring that the Portuguese Football Federation takes action against the proliferation of unlicensed football agents. This is achieved by ANAF’s involvement with the Disciplinary Board of the Federation and through ANAF’s active public engagement with other professional football stakeholders, including clubs and players. These actions by ANAF contribute to the creation of a transparent and professional agency field.  Furthermore, the good reputation of the profession is actively promoted through public endeavours and advisory services on compliance with regulations. The licensing of agents is a primary aim of the association.

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Spain – Spanish Association of Football Agents (AEAF)

AEAF plays an active role in contributing to the regulatory development of the agents’ profession in Spain and has secured the recognition of the agency profession by the Higher Sports Council. These achievements are consolidated by a public image campaign aimed at improving the reputation, transparency and credibility of the profession. The continuous professional development and timely updates on regulatory changes equip agents with the framework to carry out their functions effectively.

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Switzerland – Swiss Football Agents Association (SFAA)

SFAA was founded by nine of the leading players’ agents in Switzerland in 2010. The association facilitates the professional and transparent placement and representation of professional football players at the highest level. SFAA provides its agent members with frequent training and updates on regulatory measures, to ensure a high quality standard. The association also offers advice to football clubs and players.

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United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland – Association of Football Agents (AFA)

AFA promotes the collective interests of its member agents and their clients in the UK and international professional football domain. AFA represents over 300 professional registered agents, which range from large corporations to small enterprises operating within the transfer market. AFA is the primary representative body for licensed player agents in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, thus facilitating some of the leading transactions in global football.

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Bulgaria – Bulgarian Football Agents Association (BFAA)

BFAA is one of the first professional football agents’ associations to be founded in Eastern Europe. BFAA’s activities have created higher awareness of the interests of football agents among the stakeholders, with this trend set to continue in other Eastern European countries too. The association ensures that agents from Bulgaria receive the proper advisory and representative support, particularly in the transactions involving high value players coming to, and leaving from, Bulgarian professional football.